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Werewolf stories written by 'Silver W. Werewolf's' pack

Silver W. werewolf's stories

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Ello! This is my site page that contains all of my 'unfinnished' and 'up-dated books' NO COPY ME! HA! Ok, first one, which is going to be completed is:

Devils deals

I go to school, paid by the orphan club, no one likes me, I know they won't, they never do, this is the third time we moved, my adopted family, but unlike some that you should be thankful for, ours didn't care much, but to load my brain with knowledge, and I'm a pretty smart kid, but I hate it."Well, if it isn't the freaks."I turned to see the bully's of the school messing with two boys, one was my friend, Josh, and he's a pretty good friend."Hey! Stop it, Ryan." I said, walking over to all six of them, I know I said my parents didn't care, but they did care if I got raped or something like that, so they sent me to a self- defense class. He looked at me as if I was a disgusting rat, which usually pisses me off. "Well, aren't you a bit weak to say that? I mean, girls don't stick up for nerds, unless they are nerds as well." He said, I hate it that people call me a nerd, or showoff, it just pisses me off, I gave him a good punch in the cheek, he spit on my shoe. "Don't make me whoop you're ass." I said

Thats all so far, give me your whole story and I will put it on your page of this site.

Whenever I load my stories on here, they always show with lots of numbers, so its kinda a pain.

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