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Werewolf stories written by 'Silver W. Werewolf's' pack

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HI! I am Silver W. Werewolf, my site is not boring to young readers, to join the pack, click down there!

Before you go to 'DOWN THERE' I want to tell you that my site is a place for young writers, (11-21 years old) to express their lust for writing werewolf stories, you can write whatever you want on this site, it just has to be about werewolves! Its easy, give me youre story by e-mailing me and I will give you youre own page on this site! So that readers that have a lust for werewolf stories can enjoy themselves. To join the pack, just go 'DOWN THERE' its a navigation link 'up there'. LOL.


My e-mail address is ''

Spread the word about my pack, it will be fun to have more and more members!